20-Jan-2022 04:14

to get started, click a link

  1. Pay Driver Training Fee online

    Driver training applicants can deposite training fee online to the DDO Treasury Head of Haryana Roadways Depots of the state. Rs.3000/- for General/BC category candidates & Rs.1500/- for SC/ST category candidates.
  2. Pay Bus Passes Amount online

    Various colleges/schools & all types of educational institues of the state can deposit their Student Bus passes amount directly to Haryana Roadways Depots Treasury Heads. This facility can also be used to deposit amount of General Bus passes and Employee Bus passes also.
  3. Pay Misc. Fee/Shops Rent online

    Facility provided to deposit Misc. fee i.e. Auction amount, Driver Training Misc Fee/abs. fee and shops rent online for various shops of Haryana Roadways Depots, Sub-Depots Bus Stands.
  4. Verify Payment & Print Receipt

    Utilising this link ePayments can be verified & receipt can be printed in .pdf format, in case ePaymnet is not reflected as success.